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The Porcelain Museum

Learn the fascinating history of PP, through the interactive exhibition that also includes about 1.000 objects. As a visitor you are invited to get a historical understanding of the craft of porcelain but also to interact and have a close dialogue with other visitors.

The production facility at Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik and their factory outlet is in the same building as the Porcelain Museum.
So too is the  Auction Hall, where you might just find the old porcelain you have searced for.  

In our giftstore you can buy design items such as porcelain, jewelry and textiles.  

Welcome to the Porcelain Museum!    

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday at. 11 am-16 pm.

Entrance: 70/30, - per person.  
Wednesday-Friday, at. 11 to 13.30: Guided tours of the factory and the production line at the porcelain factory, if desired.